Designated Specialists


Silvia Fernández:
Directora: Lawyer, licensed by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, specialist in International Intelectual Property Law and Copyright.

Susana Dueñas López: Coordinator, in charge of author relations

Héctor Rodríguez: Director of Internet, Computer science engineer and expert in Computer science Developments within the scope of the eGovernment.

B. André Rossignol: Graduate of University of Toulouse, in charge of publications in the French language


Designated Specialists


Martín Blinder:
Adviser, specialized in "Branding" and Marketing Strategies, with an extensive experience in the United States, South America and Europe

Luis Seldas Escribano: Head of production, Telecommunications Engineer

Javier López García: Creative Director, has wide experience and knowledge in the field of the Web and Graphic Design, layout and Corporate Identity

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