Francesca Musiani

How the Internet Challenges Dispute Resolution (...And Simplifies It)
ISBN: 978-84-937376-5-8

Francesca Musiani is a PhD candidate at the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation (CSI), a mixed research unit of Mines ParisTech and CNRS located in Paris, France. Her dissertation research focuses on features and implications of alternative peer-to-peer technologies.
She is a member of the scientific committee of Vox Internet, a multidisciplinary research network investigating Internet governance issues, and maintains collaborations with the University of Padova, Italy, where she obtained her first Master's degree in Organizational Communication. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica, and she has worked as a journalist at the United Nations headquarters in New York.
Her research interests include ICTs for development, the evolution of legal systems and rights in the digital age, and online participatory practices of fan communities.


The steadily increasing quantity and variety of Internet-based commercial activities worldwide calls for the development of innovative tools, codes and practices of dispute resolution. This work supplies the missing link between two visions of the Internet, as a venue for commercial transactions and as a tool in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, to suggest that the Internet's very features that are challenges the field of dispute settlement can become the primary key to solve, or at least simplify, these challenges. A special attention to the legal and social dimensions of the European space is paid as the study discusses the present and near future of dispute resolution mechanisms “for the Internet, via the Internet”.



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